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Bhanumathi భానుమతి


Date of Birth                                      : 07.09.1925 (Since she borned on Sunday that is  

  Bhanu vaaram  she  was  named  Bhanumathi . 

. According to  astrological  signs Sun was in his 

  own place that is Swakshetra.


Parents                                               : Bommraju Venkaata Subbayya (Father)

                                                              Saraswathi (Mother)

                                                              Venkata Subbayya  worked as revenue inspector.


Family Life                                        : 3rd August 1943 got married with P. Ramakrishna

                                                              & Bharani was only son


Interest in Music                                 : Parents used to sing well . When mother plays  on

                                                               Harmonium ,  father joins with Thanpura .     

   Bhanumathi  tells that firtst guru was her father &

   great classical singer MS Subbulakshmi as 

   mentour. Bhanumathi used to sing the songs of  

   MS Subbulakshmi  (Saragunapalimpa, Nitya 

   Kalyani), Balagandharva (Murthymantha),  

   Kareem Khan (Jamuna ke theer), Roshanara 

   Begum , Heerabhai Bhadokar, Narayanaraovyas

   at the age of 9 years.


   After ahe entered into film field , she learnt Veena

   & Sithar for two months. Music director MS Raju

   &  Janardhan taught her those instruments.


First chance                                        : Actor Govindarajula Subbarao was her father’s 

                                                               friend. He brought first proposal  to act 

   Bhanumathi  as asister of  heroine in  film 

  ‘Malapilla’.  Since Bhanumathi did not sing well

   due to fear,  she was not selected for that role.


First Film                                           : VARAVIKRAYAM  (This was a famous paly

    written  Kaallakoori Narayana Rao. She acted as

    KAALINDI which has  created sensation on

    those days)


Firtst Remuneration                           : Rs. 150/- per month.


First Song in Films                              : Palukavemi Naa daivama  in  Varavikrayam.

   This was Thyagaraja Kriti. We can this was firtst   

   Thyaagaraja Kriti in Telugu Films. 


First Tamil Film                                :  RRATNA KUMAR (1946)


First Direction                                    :  CHANDI RANI (1953) (in Telugu, Tamil &



First Music Direction                           :  CHAKRAPANI (1954)


As a Methodist                                     : (1) She used to perform ‘Sree charka Pooja’

                                                                (2) She learnt ‘Bala Manthram’ from Sringeri

         Jagadguru Sankaraacharya (1961) on Maha


                                                                (3) She learnt ‘Navaakshari Manthram ‘ also

                                                                      from same Sankaraacharya on the days of

                                                                      Devi Navaraathrulu and was asked to do

                                                                      Saptha shathi paaraayana every day.

                                                                (4) She has very good knowledge in Astrology.

                                                                (5) She studied ‘Naadee’ Books  under the  

                                                                      Supervision of Pandit (Sarma) for a period of 

                                                                      one year.


First Story                                            :  Marachembu wtitten at the age of 14th.. It was

                                                                  published in ‘Chitragupta’.


Miles stones in Literary Field              :  Series of Stories on ‘Atthagaru’ created a

                                                                  sensation on those days. and  She got 

                                                                  KENDRA SAHITHYA ACADEMY AWARD

                                                                  for those stories.

                                                                  Similerly she wrote series of  stories under the

                                                                  ‘Bhanumathi Kadhalu’.

                                                                  Publishers of ‘Yuva’ made  it a customery

                                                                  to write a story for year diwali .

                                                                  She translated Pearlsbuck’s  English Novel 

                                                                  ‘My Several Worlds’.

                                                                  Received ‘Swarna Kamalam’ at National level

                                                                  for her autobiography book ‘Naalo Nenu’

                                                                  in  (1994)

                                                                  Potti Sreeramulu University selected the same

                                                                  as  the Best Book (1999)

                                                      Her Stories on Atthagaru were Transmiited in

                                                      Hyderabad Door Darshan.

                                                      Same were translated  & transmitted  in Hindi

                                                      as ‘Saas Bahu ki Kahaniya”.


Sweet Memories                                   :  (1) Bhanumathi had a small cut on her finger at

                                                                        the time of shooting  of the film

                                                                        ‘Krishnaprema’. Associate director 

Rama Krishna (Later became husband)   

tied  her finger with his kerchief 

Another day she won a  bet  on him with

co-artiste Shantha Kumari . On that day he

gave Rs.2/-

Bhanumathi  kept that kerchief  & Rs,2/-

care fully even to-day.

                                                                 (2)  Famous Bengali film Director Devakibose

                                                                        was introduced to her through BN Reddy.

                                                                        He gave Tagore’s Geethanjali to her and

asked her to compose a tune for a poem .

Tune given by her  spontaneously was 

appreciated by Devaki bose & others.

Bitter Experiences                                 : (1) Missing title role in film  ‘Missamma’ with a

                                                                        small difference of opinion with Chakrapani.

                                                                  (2) Missing heroin role (Parvathi) in  ‘Devdas’.

                                                                  (3) Due ill health she purposefully left the

            heroin  role in film  ‘Chenchu Lakshmi’after

            acting some secenes. Anjalidevi acted that

role later.

                                                                  (4) All India Radio has not transmitted her song

                                                                        ‘Nagumomu Kanaleni’ in Vivaahabandham.

                                                                         since she has changed Tyagarja krithi.



Awards & Rewards                               (1)  She was the first lady felicitated on first

                                                                         Andhrapradesh Avatharana dinotsavam


                                                                 (2)  Madras chief Minister Annadurai felicitated

                                                                        her with the title ‘Nadippukku Ilanakkam’

                                                                       (Grammer ofor acting) for her performance

                                                                        in the film ‘Rangoon Raadha’.

                                                                 (3)  She received National awards for her acting

                                                                        in Annai (Tamil), Anthasthulu (Telugu),

                                                                        Palnaati yuddham (Telugu).

                                                                 (4)  Her film ‘Anthaa Mana Manchike’ selected

                                                                        as best film in 1972.

                                                                 (5)   Tamil version of the same (Ippadium Oru 

                                                                        Penn) was appreciated as a best social satire 

                                                                        & best musical film in International

            women’s year festivals.

     (6)  Received Kalaimamani award  in 1984 as        

            best director.

                                                                (7)   Received Rajalakshmi foundation Award

                                                                        in 1998. 

                                                                (8)   Received Padmasree in  1966.

                                                                (9) Received  Padmabhushan in 2000.

                                                               (10) Received NTR’s National Award in 2004.

   (11) Andhra University Given Doctorate in  

          1975 (International Women’s year)

                                                               (12) Sri Venkateswara University given

                                                                      Doctorate in 1985.

                                                                (13) Received Raghupathi  Venkayya Award in


                                                            (14)  Member in Children Film Society for  5

                                                                     years from 1965.

                                                            (15)  Member in AP Sahithya Academy for 10


                                                            (16)  Member in AP Laltha Kala Academy for 5


(17)  Madras Branch treasurer for ‘All Troosa

         International’ Association for 30 years

(18)  As a member in Red Cross Society for 42


(19)  State film Award’s committee member for 2


(20) Film Institute’s Visiting Professor for 1 year.

(21) She released her songs as ‘Bhanumathi’s

        Chitramaala’ . This experiment was followed

        by so many people now.

(22)  Nomited by MGR as Pricipal & Director for

         Tamilnadu Government Music colledge and

         worked for a period of 3 years.

Favourites  in film field                     :  Shantharam, Kanchanamaala, Sooryakantham,

                                                               S . Varalakshmi, P.Leela.




Bhanumathi  -  Singer, Actor, Music Director, Producer, Director, Painter, Writer,

  Astro Palmist, Studio  owner  and what not .. she was one and only  

   one  woman  in film field. having versatile talent